Pepsi A5 Chalkboards

Pepsi A5 Chalkboards

Earlier the month Patterson Graphics secured an order for 535 A5 chalkboards branded with the Pepsi logo. The order has now be fulfilled and left our factory.

pepsi a5 chalkboard pepsi a5 chalkboard

Below we will run through the entire manufacturing process, first up the timber base. The base starts off life as a normal piece of timber which is bought by us in bulk and machined with whichever mold the client has picked.

pepsi10 pepsi11

Once the machining process has been completed its out into the factory to be painted or stained again this is chosen by the client and this time around they picked the base colour to be black. This involves the bases to be spray painted black and once dried they are then lacquered to protect the finish.

pepsi6 pepsi2 pepsi3

With the bases now complete its onto the chalkboard part which starts of as a blank unfinished piece of MDF which receives many coats of chalkboard paint which is spray painted similar to the base process.


Once we are happy with the finish its onto the screen printing process, 4 colours make up the logo we start with white followed by red, blue and finally grey. On the print count that is 4280 prints as the chalkboards are double sided.

pepsi7 pepsi8 pepsi9

Once each print is complete it is transferred into drying racks, they need to be fully dried before the next colour can be printed.

pepsi4 pepsi5

Onto the final process which is gluing the chalkboard into the base, the glue is fast setting which means they can be bagged and packed almost right away and boxed. Once we have all boxed they are built onto a pallet and ready for dispatch.

pepsi13 pepsi14








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