Craigavon Presbyterian Church Signage

Craigavon Presbyterian Church Signage

Rev. Lachlan Webster, minister of Craigavon Presbyterian Church contacted us about getting some new signage around and inside the church. They already had a designer who had designed them a nice new logo and also sized and designed the new signs for the building.

Our job was to manufacture the signs and fit them. (its not just chalkboards we do)

We sent the team out for look at where the signs would be going and what would be needed to make fitting easy and safe.

Once all this was looked after a quote was sent to Lachlan for review and it was then passed.

We had 4 signs fitted to the building and 2 on the grass slope close to the road. We also had flat cut brushed aluminium lettering to fit to an interior wall in the entrance hall.

We then prepared what we could in our factory and then the rest was finished on site at the church.

Below are a selection of pictures of the finished job.

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