Chalk Aboard

Chalk Aboard

Here at Patterson Graphics our most popular product that we manufacture has to be the Chalk Aboard, in particular our standard version.  These go out of our factory every single day of the week.

the Chalk Aboards are made from 43mm x 65mm planned redwood, it is molded and cut to size in our joinery machine shop before being transferred to our main production factory to be finished in a choice of colours.

The chalkboard part of the Aboard starts of as an 8×4 sheet of exterior grade MDF, it is cut to size and receives 2 coats of chalkboard paint on each which is sprayed on inside our spray booth.

Once these stages are completed they are ready to be built, each side is screwed together first, it is they hinged using 2 steel hinges that have been electro plated and then finally 2 steel cabin hooks which have also been electro plated are applied to hold the Aboard open.

An Aboard can be purchased blank or it can display any message of your choosing or simply have your company logo screen printed at the top or bottom.

Below are some pictures of our Dark Oak and Light Oak version of the standard Chalk Boards, and one with a message displayed, they measure 700mm x 1120mm, for more info please click HERE

Chalk ABoard  Chalk ABoard  Igloo Aboard


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