About your Patterson Chalkboard

Before you start using your board here is a few hints to get the best results from your board.

With a sponge wet your chalkboard with cold water ‘use liberally’ especially when first used.

Before chalking make sure surface remains moist and most important the chalks can also be slightly moist.

This will give you the best results to produce an excellent chalk projection to clarify your menu or your message.

Always clean the board with a wet cloth or sponge using cold water only.

Markers can also be used but they require a lot more effort to remove the inks.  This is best achieved by using fairy liquid or a good tile cleaner eg ‘Mr Muscle’ with warm water and a sponge.

DO NOT use a utensil with a rough surface i.e pan cleaners or wire brushes.  These will break down the surface.

By following these simple instructions this will help you to obtain better results and help to protect your chalkboard for a very long time.

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